Jan 2014

Up and coming – Week One

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Nordic Playlist # 24 – Tuomas Kallio – Flow Festival, Finland

Tuomas Kallio - Flow Festival

Since 2004, an annual event has taken over a disused power plant in an industrial corner of the Finnish capital, creating a unique universe where incredible music is fused with food, art and a rare and special atmosphere.
Nordic Playlist – A Festive Winter Mix

A Festive Nordic Winter Mix

Christmas in the Nordic region sees its cities and villages glow against the white winter landscape, and songs seem to fill the air everywhere you go!
Nordic Playlist #38 – Kasper Bjørke, Denmark

Kasper Bjørke

Fresh from releasing his brand new album After Forever, we're very excited to present an exclusively curated Nordic Playlist from Denmark's Kasper Bjørke!
Nordic Playlist #100 – John Grant, US/Iceland

John Grant

Celebrating our 100th edition, we're thrilled to present John Grant as the curator of the latest Nordic Playlist!