Oct 2014

Pick & Mix 14th October – Oyama, Niki and the Dove, Kleerup, Manna, Oh Land, Put Your Hands Up For Neo-Tokyo

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Nordic Playlist # 17 – Esben Marcher / Spot Festival

Esben Marcher

Each year, the vibrant town of Århus, Denmark experiences a musical invasion, as the city's SPOT Festival opens its doors to Danish music fans, presenting the best new music emerging from the Nordic region.
Nordic Playlist #28 – Janove Ottesen, Kaizers Orchestra

Kaizers Orchestra - Janove Ottesen

Since 2001, vocalist and songwriter Janove Ottesen has fronted one of Norway's most successful bands, and is now set to embark on a number of new, exciting projects within the world of music.
Listen to Sin Fang’s Nordic Playlist!

Sin Fang

Returning to reveal extremely enticing hints at what his upcoming album has in store, we're very excited to introduce Iceland's Sin Fang as a curator of the Nordic Playlist!
It’s Fika Time!

It's Fika Time!

Indulge yourself in the cosy concept of Fika, by soundtracking your daily pause with our tailor-made Fika playlist!