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With her latest single 'Kamikaze' freshly in our heads and the chart topping success of the track 'Lean On', 2015 has undoubtedly been the year of MØ...

Dec 2015
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One of the most sought after artists of the last few years, MØ’s much anticipated debut album No Mythologies To Follow arrived to critical acclaim back in 2014.

Her subsequent extensive tour saw her unleashing electrifying live performances upon audiences around the world, and quickly gaining a reputation as one of the most powerful performers in pop.

Skip forward to 2015, a year in which a long standing collaboration between MØ and Diplo blossomed into one of the biggest partnerships of the year as the pair – along with the rest of Major Lazer and Grammy Award winning producer DJ Snake – joined forces to create ‘Lean On’, a track that propelled MØ to the top of the US charts, transforming her from a cult pop icon into an international sensation.

Not only has ‘Lean On’ gone on to become the most-streamed track in the history of Spotify, (we’re talking more than 500 million listens here) but the song’s video is quickly approaching a billion – yes, you heard us right, a BILLION – views on YouTube.

So who better to curate the final Nordic Playlist of the year than Denmark’s Queen of pop herself, the fantastic MØ! We’re very excited to have MØ join us at the Nordic Playlist to share a selection of her new and all time favourite Nordic tracks, so tune in just above and listen to her recommendations via your favourite streaming service, while reading an exclusive interview with the artist herself below…

Thank you so much for taking the time to make a Nordic Playlist, we’re very happy to have you!

Thank YOU for having me!

2015 has been a big and busy year for you, so what would you say were your top 3 highlights of the year?

That’s a really hard one, ’cause this year has been soooo crazy and soooo good! But let’s try:

1. Releasing ‘Lean On‘ with Major Lazer and seeing a song you have been working on for a long time and really love with all of your heart, climbing the charts and making people happy! And all the experiences that followed with that – omfg. I feel so blessed to have been a part of this adventure.

2. Performing at Nobel Peace Prize Concert. Was the biggest honor to play at that event and I’m so thankful and a little bit blown away by the fact that I got to experience that.

It was a really big moment for me and it felt so wonderful to perform at an event that actually had a deeper cause. If there’s something I wanna stand behind, it’s peace, unity  and dialogue so I was very emotional being asked to perform.

3. Moving in to my own apartment. When you’ve had flaky addresses for 1 year and lived in a sports bag for 5 months – during the most stormy times of your life – it feels REALLY good to finally have a place you call “home” again. Even though I still travel a lot – it’s just soooo fucking great to have a base.

You revealed a brand new track in the form of ‘Kamikaze‘ just a few weeks ago! What’s the story behind the song?

The song ‘Kamikaze’ is about being restless and bored with life. You know. When you wanna tip the boat just to see what happens. When you wanna take your best buddy by his/her hand and go on a ravage drunk-night-out and not really care about what will happen.

And can we expect more new music from you soon?!

Well yes – I’m working on my next album right now, but it’s always the final 20% that are the hardest ones to finish up, so it’s really hard to specify when it’s going to drop exactly… 

This year has also been a great one for collaborations, and one of our favourites has been your chart-topping, record-breaking work with Major Lazer! What are the best things about working with those guys and the adventures that you get to have with them?

I love all the guys in the Major Lazer team. They are super fun and relaxed and they always take such good care of me when we’re out performing – I can’t EXPRESS how happy I am that they chose to believe in me. It’s been my dream to collaborate with them ever since ‘Get Free‘ was released so it was actually literally a dream coming true featuring on ‘Lean On‘. I’ve worked with Wes (Diplo) for a couple of years now, and it’s always super inspiring, free and fun working with him – I adore the way he works, and I love that it’s about making great pop songs, but pop songs that wanna change stuff. Pop music with balls – something that doesn’t sounds like every god damn thing you hear on the radio, but still songs that are easily adapted.

You’ve performed at some great festivals and some very special intimate shows around the world this year, so what are your favourite things about playing live? 

My fave thing is no doubt to look my fans in the eyes. To share that moment and the music with them. To be in that room with them and feel connected to these strangers who somehow aren’t strangers. It’s amazing. And to see the happiness – for instance when I play ‘Lean On’. It gives me such a feeling of happiness and makes me never wanna stop chasing my dreams.

You’ve highlighted Liss and Kwamie Liv as some new Danish artists that you’re excited about, so are there any more artists from Denmark that you’d highly recommend we check out? Any new or all-time-favourites?

Yes, I absolutely love Kwamie Liv and LISS! I am 100% sure they both have big futures lying ahead! I think there’s a lot of great music coming out of Denmark and it feels like, more and more, Danish acts are getting attention from the world surrounding us which is SO great! Other Danish bands I really adore are acts such as – Iceage, CTM, Lust For Youth, Time Masters, RangleklodsThe Raveonettes etc.

And what was your biggest discovery when making your Nordic Playlist?

Seriously, when I discovered Reykjavíkurdætur, I got so fucking happy! It reminded me soooo much of myself 4-5 years ago, but just MUCH cooler! I LOVE when women are so fucking badass and fun and free! Love it love it love it.

So here at the Nordic Playlist, we love to share recommendations of music and creative inspirations from the Nordics – so can you tell us about a Nordic influence that is particularly special or close to you? 

The Norwegian mountains and nature in general has always been a healing place for me and a BIG source of inspiration. Every year I strive to go there on some kind of vacation, whether it’s hiking on Hadangervidda or just staying in a Fjällhytta or skiing.

We’re nearing Christmas now, so we’re turning up excellent Christmas tunes to get us in the festive spirit – which is your favourite ever Christmas track and why?

I love that new Elliphant one! I think she has such a great crispy voice and therefore I’m crying with excitement when she does stuff like ‘North Star (Bloody Christmas)‘ where you can REALLY hear her voice – like it’s just next to your ear.

Also I like the fact that it’s a more “sad” xmas song – mostly all the xmas songs you hear in the supermarket and on the radio etc. are kinda happy, but for a bunch of people xmas is a lonely and sad time a year, so it’s nice to hear another take on it… I also love the ‘Santa Baby’ one. Not a 100% sure why, but I think it has something to do with childhood memories of Ally McBeal.

And what is your absolute favourite thing about the Christmas season? Are there any special traditions that you, your friends and family have?

My Xmas traditions are extremely ordinary. I think the traditions that my family and my friends and I have are the basic traditions of every Danish person, lol. Which is nice, but I don’t have any special goodies for you unfortunately. It’s like – dancing around the xmas tree, having xmas dinners with your friends where you get drunk and play silly games, eating Medisterpølse etc. etc. I love it.

And finally, 2016 is just around the corner, so what will your New Year’s resolution be? 

My New Year’s resolution is to make a song that will make me cry while I’m writing it, ’cause those are usually the best ones, and maybe then it would make others cry as well.

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