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Photo: Annick Boel 

A range of innovative cuisines and food experiences will be offered during the Ja Ja Ja festival in collaboration with New Nordic Food. These will include ‘Nordic Sound Bite’ – a concept that partners musicians with food artists to create the ultimate collaboration between music and cuisine, curated by Danish designer Nikolaj Danielsen, plus a menu designed by leading Swedish chef Herman Rasmuson. Not only that, but the Roundhouse will play host to a Nordic Fika and a pop-up stall from Tommi’s Burger Joint!

Nordic Sound Bite – The taste of your favourite tune

Curated by Danish designer Nikolaj Danielsen, Nordic Sound Bite is the ultimate collaboration between music and food – where emerging Nordic food artists have designed and will present a special ’sound bite’ based on the ‘musical DNA’ of five of the bands playing the festival – Mew, NONONO, Sin Fang, Sakaris and Kid Astray. There are no limits to this concept. It could be any shape, design or character. The only rule is that they must be experienced live.

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Nordic Stage – Can food be art?

As well as experiencing Nordic Sound Bites, festival-goers will also have the opportunity to meet the food artists who developed them. Come along and find out how 20 seconds of music was distilled into a ‘taste bite’ and what the bands think of the results. Try the tastes and listen to the music.

Made in Camden – Nordic Menu

Head to the Roundhouse’s bar & dining room where we have created a modern take on a typical winter meal – presenting a typically Nordic approach that combines simplicity, local produce and a food culture that explores the contrasts between saltiness, sweetness and sour. The dishes are also influenced by the strong Nordic tradition of preserving and curing produce, for use during the harsh winter months. The menu is a collaboration between leading Swedish chef Herman Rasmuson and Jean-Baptiste Barbosa (Head Chef). Don’t miss the opportunity to try a Nordic crispbread pizza with pickled Norwegian salmon loin, chanterelles, roe and a hint of schnapps, a Venison fillet with rowanberry and pickled cucumber or just the Nordic apple tribute.

Nordic Fika

London’s Fika Bar & Kitchen will serve coffee and a range of mouth-watering treats, including their famed ‘Kladdkaka’ and ‘Choklad Boll’.

Tommi’s Burger Joint

Don’t miss the Icelandic burger masters from Tommi’s Burger Joint, whose pop-up stall will ensure delicious food throughout the festival.

Supported by New Nordic Food – a Nordic Council of Ministers initiative that promotes Nordic food in the region and internationally.