Cancer [DEN]


Aurora [NOR]



“One of the most promising bands coming out from Scandinavia.” – NBHAP

NEØV’s origins go back to the late 90’s and a small town of Juankoski in Eastern Finland. Brothers Anssi and Samuli Neuvonen started making music together in their early childhood, and after ten years of recording and touring with different lineups, they nowadays form an elegantly charismatic indie trio with Ari Autio.

NEØV’s first two albums ‘Orange Morning’ (2013) and ‘Dominique’ (2015) presented the bands characteristic sound palette: bittersweet melodies and intensive rhythms mixed with a wide variety of influences, drawn not least from dream pop and art rock. The albums met wide critical acclaim, and the band found themselves touring and playing festival shows around Europe.
NEØV’s third album is expected to be released later in 2018, and the band will showcase new material in their spring shows.