Returning with her first new music of 2020, we’re very happy to introduce you to today’s Ja Ja Ja Takeover host, Miynt!

Based in Stockholm, Miynt first came to our attention back in 2016 when her captivating debut release, EP No. 1 landed in our speakers. Since then, we’ve followed this intriguing artist as she’s unveiled a handful of further singles exploring dream-like soundscapes, before sharing her two brand new singles with us this week.

‘Give me palm trees and inner peace’ and ‘Lovesong’ explore more rockier, grunge tinged ground that we’ve previously heard from the artist, so join us as we speak to Miynt about her latest releases – and make sure to check out @jajajanordic on Instagram today as Miynt takes over our account!

Spotlight Interview: Miynt

Hello Miynt, thanks so much for joining us! For those that haven’t met you yet, can you please introduce yourself?

Hi! I’m an artist/musician/producer from Stockholm.

What would you say have been some of your greatest inspirations when making music throughout your career so far?

David Bowie is a big inspiration of mine because of his experimental way of trying new genres but always made it sound Bowie (and for the great music of course). Other than that, it’s mostly contemporary art and the musicians/friends that surround me. 

What’s the first album you remember falling in love with?

It was the album mMmbop with Hanson. I loved that record. And I had a huge crush on Taylor like every other 7-year old on the planet at that time. 

And what’s the best live show you’ve ever witnessed?

I loved seeing Kurt Vile when he was in Stockholm a while ago. Also enjoyed Iggy Pop when he was in Sweden 2007, no one else really dances like him.

You’ve just returned with your first new music of 2020! We’ve love to hear more about your new singles ‘Give me palm trees and inner peace’ and ‘Lovesong’, so can you give us an insight into the stories behind them both?

I went through some sort of grunge-phase after I stopped listening to the Hanson brothers. I wanted to apply that into the new music. Both of the songs are kind of about being confused in this day and age. What is love, what is internet? I don’t know.

What’s the best setting in which to listen to your new songs?

Walking around in nature! I usually walk in the woods when I’m listening to new music or trying to finish my own music. 

And we love the video for ‘Give me palm trees and inner peace’ too! What was the idea that inspired the video, and how long did it take?!

I was staying at my parents house for a month and found my old dollhouse in the garage. The process took about 2 hours from idea to finished film. It’s a bit messy though but I started to enjoy the mess.

How have you been keeping busy during these recent, quieter times?

I’ve been working and studying and making music. It’s been a really weird year for everyone, I’ve just been trying to stay as busy as I can and hopefully things changes soon.

What do you hope 2021 will hold for you?

I hope that there will be a treatment for corona and that live-music will be a thing again. I’m planning on releasing a record and I would love to be able to play live. 

And finally, we always like to ask – do you have any good new music tips to share with us?

I love the EP Hits for Kids by Sindy! You should check it out! 

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