It feels like just a few days ago that KOPS and his band joined us at Ja Ja Ja Berlin, to unleash a heady mix of driving pop anthems and sharp-witted lyrics to a besotted crown at FluxBau. It was, in fact, all the way back in May – but what a way to get the summer underway!

‘Four Eyes’ is the latest release from the Danish artist, and spells out a defiant declaration to an ex, “four eyes in my bedroom, it’s you and someone else, f**k that”. The lyrics tell the tale of a tumultuous love situation, but one that’s definitely coming to an imminent fiery end. Bathed in the trademark synths and sparse beats that we’ve come to know through previous singles ‘Takes One To Know One’ and ‘Salvation’, ‘Four Eyes’ makes a punchy addition to KOPS’s quickly-expanding back catalogue.

The track clocks in at just under 3 minutes, giving KOPS a chance to deliver his pop prowess in short, sharp bursts, and add a power-packed punch to all corners of his latest release. Tune in below, and check out a gallery of what went down when he joined us in Berlin right here.

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