We’ve followed Icelandic singer Hildur ever since her fantastic concert at Iceland Airwaves 2016 – where she “shook any sleepy-eyed revellers awake with her energetic performance”.

Since then she has released the debut EP Heart to Heart, and given us spellbinding coolness in the music video for ‘Full Of You’. And in 2018 we also highlighted her as one of our 5 Icelandic artists to watch.

Now Hildur has returned with a five-track EP ‘Intuition’, which includes the latest single ‘Work’. She describes it herself as “a fun and quirky song about new love and strong feelings”. And a fun fact: It was actually recorded in Bergen, Norway – the home of many international breakthroughs the last couple of years.

The Reykjavik-based artist has rocked the stage internationally in recent years – playing concerts in New York, Toronto and London (and not to forget Ja Ja Ja Berlin last September and dropping by Ja Ja Ja London to sing guest vocals with Cell7!) In the autumn, she’ll return to Iceland Airwaves but in the meantime, you can listen to the new single ‘Work’ below. Be sure to check out her EP at the same time!

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