All the way back in 2016, we were lucky enough to catch Glowie at Iceland Airwaves Music Festival, where she was already brimming with promise as a pop artist set to take on the world. Two years later, we delected her as one of our Icelandic artists to watch, stating that even as a newcomer, she was showing off the voice and the stage presence of a bona fide pop star. 

Since releasing her debut single ‘No More’ in 2015, she’s been spending her time honing her craft and releasing hit singles which have peaked on Icelandic charts, as well as piquing the attention of pop fans around the world.

This month, Glowie released her debut EP Where I Belong, which consists of 5 tracks, including the hugely catchy ‘I’m Good’an R&B-infused pop banger that you’ll want to keep on repeat this summer! We’re really looking forward to hearing more from Glowie soon, but until then – find the brand new to accompany the single below, and also be sure to check out Glowie’s Where I Belong EP at the same time..

Photo: Guðlaugur Andri Eyþórsson

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