Having found time to set up her own record label Loud Attic records, ‘Mermaid’ feels like an appropriately styled release from Swedish artist and producer Be The Bear, sounding simultaneously breathy and euphoric.

Defiantly different from her brooding debut single ‘Erupt‘, this latest track is more in keeping with the shimmering sound of the follow-up ‘I Don’t Want To‘ whilst retaining the qualities that drew initial comparisons to music from Nordic compatriots Aurora and Bjork. With inspiration for the track coming from the he imagery behind Hans Christian Andersen’s Danish folktale, the original Little Mermaid, Wehage explains “in the original story she sacrificed herself for love, and ended up becoming a whisper on the wind? Mermaids don’t have eternal souls, but she finds out how she can acquire one, and spends 300 years doing good deeds with other ‘Daughters of the Air'”

‘Mermaid’ is a triumphant, pulsating pop song that the world needs more of. “Follow me and I’ll take you to hidden lands” sings Wehage, and follow her is exactly what we’ll do after hearing this. Out now in the UK, having been released to coincide with Mental Health Awareness month in the hope that this single will help to erase the stigma surrounding mental illness, we’re all behind it! Listen below…

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