It’s a tough gig being a Norwegian pop maven in a post-Sigrid and post-Aurora world, but Astrid S rises to the challenge seemingly without much difficulty with each new release. Despite having not yet released a full album she’s been steadily building up a pretty stellar back catalogue of low-key bangers for the past couple of years, and while we’d love a full length from Astrid, as long as she keeps supplying the goods we have no complaints.

Her latest release ‘The First One’ continues to showcase her ability to combine powerhouse vocals with some fairly raw emotions, and sees her also continuing to choose the right collaborators to help bring her ideas to life. Having previously teamed up with the likes of Nordic pop polymath Noonie Bao and global superstar Charli XCX, on this occasion she’s recruited Justin Tranter, who has made a fairly significant splash in the pop ocean working with another Justin (yes, that one) on a little ditty called ‘Sorry’. You might have heard it, but if not, don’t rush to check it out – ‘The First One’ is better anyway.

Why, yes – it is another pop song about heartbreak, but when it sounds this good, you almost feel like the suffering was worth it – sorry Astrid.

‘The First One’ is out now – take a listen below.

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