2019 is a set to be a monumental year in the story of Ja Ja Ja, as we celebrate 10 years of our club nights taking place in London – and 5 years since we first staged them in Berlin! 

Over the past 10 years, more than 250 new Nordic artists have performed at Ja Ja Ja’s club nights and festivals, with over 100 shows taking place in London, Berlin, Brighton, Hamburg, Vienna, Tokyo, Salzburg, Graz and Budapest. The likes of AuroraJaakko Eino KaleviSilvana Imam and Vök have risen through Ja Ja Ja’s ranks to achieve widespread success, making the platform the premier destination to discover the best emerging Nordic music.

We’ll be celebrating these special anniversaries in various exciting ways as 2019 unfolds – starting off by heading to Denmark’s SPOT Festival to present a special show with Ja Ja Ja alumnus IDA KUDO

Danish artist IDA KUDO has joined us in both London and Berlin in 2019, offering up her phenomenal stage show and brilliant band to audiences in each city. Having just released a brand new single entitled ‘Born In The Sun’ (listen below!), we’re thrilled to present IDA KUDO’s performance at SPOT Festival in Aarhus, on Saturday May 4th at 16:00.

Find out more about this year’s edition of SPOT Festival via their website, and check out the artists set to perform in their 2019 playlist on Spotify

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