Whilst the artist behind this EP may be familiar to some, the sounds it revels in definitely represent new ground for its creator. For Can We All Go To Bed? from Lokoy is the debut EP from Sløtface bassist, Lasse Lokoy, and it’s a smart departure from the usual dazzling punk-infused sound of the Norwegian quartet he is associated with.

Having taken a few people by surprise with the release of lead single ‘Malibu’ (feat. girl in Red) earlier this year, the move to a more accessible sound was nevertheless warmly received. It was swiftly followed with ‘Unfortunate’ which offered a slick, R’n’B vibe and also featured vocals from fellow Norwegian DePresno. Both these tracks are present on the Can We All Go To Bed? EP, alongside the infectious ‘Hide Your Art’ (with vocals on this one provided by the elusive SOLÅ) and the title track ‘Can We All Go To Bed’.

Collectively, they demonstrate a mature and intelligent song-writing ability from the 21 year old and that maturity is also evident in the description Lokoy gives of the EP himself: “I think it’s kind of like a compass rose, in the sense that all four songs are pointing in four different directions… It’s a mix of styles, and that’s how I like it. I don’t think everyone will like all the songs and that’s fine. I want the listeners to pick their favourite and leave the rest – cause that’s what they’ll do anyway.” It’s refreshing to see an artist experiment and not worry too much about what people will think – especially when that worry would have proved unfounded anyway, given how good this EP sounds.

With a little bit of something for everyone, Can We All Go To Bed? is a very promising start for Lokoy and with live dates expected in 2019, next year will undoubtedly be a busy one as he juggles an emerging solo career alongside continued commitments with Sløtface. We can only hope there’ll be more of the same to come.

Can We All Go To Bed? is out now on Propeller Recordings in the UK and you can listen to the whole EP on Spotify below, or here.

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