OhHeyMy, in case you were wondering, take their name from ‘lead artist’ My Helmner, who along with Johannes Andersson and Simon Westerdahl forms a trio that describe themselves as neither “band nor a solo-project”, but instead “something else”. They’ve been around releasing standalone singles for a couple of years now, flitting in style between old-school Taylor Swift electro-pop and stripped back soul.

But their new single ‘Numb’ takes their sound firmly into 2018. A collaboration with American producer Goldhouse, it’s pop music that borrows its stylistic tics from club and house music, all dubby beats, effect edits and squeaks. Club music’s hedonism provides the subject matter too, a pills-and-booze-and-want story that takes place in the dark spaces where things go weird.

Ultimately, the dark, slick sound suits them – ‘Numb’ is a tough, hard song that moves with groove and grace. It’s out now on Relentless.

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