The world is an even more bleak, depressing place than it usually is when Finnish pop auteur Jaakko Eino Kalevi isn’t around. And since 2015, he hasn’t been, save for hopping in on side projects and adventures (his collab with Farao, a cover of Popcaan’s ‘Everything Nice’ will always be an all-time AAA+ tune). But now Kalevi is finally back in full solo guise, with a new album,¬†Out Of Touch pitched for October. And he’s leading it with new single ‘Emotions In Motion’.

‘Emotions In Motion’ is Kalevi operating at a level smoother than ever before. Vaguely Mediterranean (if that’s an adjective that can be attached to a song), it repeats Kalevi’s classic trick of pop pushed through his cosmic lounge singer art-view. It’s a gorgeous, lush song in audio terms, music so finely crafted and sculpted you could listen to it forever. It also comes with a video about swiping jewels through a fruit’n’veg based scam, which you can check out below.

Out Of Touch is out on October 12th.

Photo: Maxime Imbert

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