Mekdes is a new and very exciting acquaintance here at Ja Ja Ja. She introduced herself back in May with the single ‘Right Direction’ – blending a delightful mix of soul and pop. Now, two months later, the 19-year-old Dane is back with follow up single ‘Out Of Here’.

Speaking about the song, she says: The song is literally about how I’ve felt since the first day of school. Feeling limited and not being able to express myself creatively but music fills me with joy and gives me the freedom to be exactly who I am.” Actually, Mekdes declined an offer from  major record label because the creative freedom is so important to her, instead signing a deal with Trinity Music Group and Copenhagen Records.

Led by a distinctive expression and voice, ‘Out Of Here’ is a perfectly fresh and catchy pop pearl ready to inject your playlist with some great vibes. Recently she announced that more music is on its way and we’re really looking forward to hearing more – in the meantime, check out the latest release below…

Photo: Tobias Hoffmann

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