Following on from the demo ‘Sunshine Girl’, which was released earlier this month in collaboration with Urban Outfitters, Oslo-based indie-pop prodigy Jakob Ogawa has returned with ‘Sunshine Girl (Pt. 2)’ – and as far as breezy, sun-drenched love songs go, they don’t come sweeter than this.

While Ogawa sings an ode to his summer love, his soothing voice is underpinned by a gentle, jazzy mix of laid-back guitar, exotic rhythms and soft hand-claps, providing ample amounts of infatuated feel-good vibes. Speaking of the inspiration for the song, Ogawa says: “‘Sunshine Girl (Part 2)’ recalls the bittersweet and carefree feeling of joy I felt when I knew she was the one. Just for a moment. That infinite tenderness of sweet laughter. That airy, yet wistful breeze that lingers, but oh so rarely stays”. And clocking in at just 1 minute and 20 seconds, the track’s idyllic ambiance is as fittingly elusive as a holiday romance.

So, no matter if you’re spending your summer living your best life in a tropical paradise or just wish you were, Jakob Ogawa will make your heart flutter with the tender warmth of ‘Sunshine Girl (Pt. 2) – have a listen below:

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