Swedish songwriter Alice Boman‘s latest single ‘Heartbeat’ reaches into our innermost, hidden desire to feel connected and loved. The longing and loneliness is beautifully expressed in the new accompanying video, playing below.

It was shot, partly on Super 8 film, in Joshua Tree National Park where the weight of its austere, towering stones and barren landscape contrast with Boman’s gentle compassion. From a sleepy opening piano refrain, the gradual build of the track is visually matched with curious and dream-like imagery: a sparkling crystal, a windblown green scarf, a single earring. “Is any of it real, can anybody hear me? Can you hear my heartbeat?” Boman sings, solitary and lost.

‘Heartbeat’ was interpreted for film by Julia Ringdahl, (who along with fellow Hey Elbow members Ellen Petersson and Liam Amner make up Boman’s live band), but beyond describing its origins, Boman is typically mysterious about the song’s meaning:

I wrote this song on a summer’s day in Stockholm and then recorded the piano and vocals in my apartment in Malmö shortly thereafter. The rest has been recorded on different locations. For example Tom recorded the saxophones when he was on his own and then sent it to me. I remember exactly where I was and how moved I was, listening to it for the first time.This song is special to me, but I always want people to make their own interpretations of what songs are about, to let them be what they want them to be. That’s the magic.”

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