Producer Jakob Franck and singer/saxophone-player Karoline Elsig aka Back To Future Sounds-signees mono mono first caught our attention last year. After hearing their two enticing singles ‘Rumors’ and ‘Feel’, we advised you to keep the Aarhus-based two-piece on your radar, naming them as one of our ‘Ones To Watch in 2018’. Now, their debut EP Natural is finally out and it’s a spine-tingling offering that’s definitely been worth the wait!

On Natural, mono mono showcase their signature minimalism to full effect by conjuring up a series of ethereal and intimate songs that linger in a pensive, dreamlike space. The EP’s first track ‘You’ immediately blends Franck’s ticking beats with Elsig’s silvery voice, creating the glitchy, but magnetic ambiance that sits at the core of the record. Centrepieces ‘Rumors’ and ‘Feel’ take some more dark, surreal turns, presenting an alluringly aromatic, but warped universe, before saxophone-drenched closer ‘Free’ wraps up the immersive listening experience on a softer note.

Overall, Natural exists in a liminal place, on the border between dream and reality, between summery warmth and sultry haziness, between light and gloom. It’s truly a striking release that will act as a fascinatingly eerie alternative to the typical summer hits, so make sure to check it out below!

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