Behind the moniker La Lusid, you’ll find childhood friends Johan Nilsson, Samuel Collmar and Karl Hovmark, who enlisted the help of keyboard-player Fabian Ballago and singer Paulina Palmgren to realize their dream of playing in a band together. The Stockholm-based quintet already have one EP to their name, having unveiled Legend in the summer of 2017, but now they have their eyes set on releasing their debut album. To give us a glimpse of what’s in store, the band have released ‘Safe & Sound’ – a thoughtful and gorgeously conceived piece of indie-pop that certainly bodes well for the incoming record.

‘Safe & Sound’ is a disarmingly simple track cradled in lush, reverb-washed guitar, gentle piano and soft-sung melodies that you immediately fall for. It’s a song steeped in nostalgic serenity and melancholic musings, yet the kind of balmy daydream music that assuages the soul with its warm-hearted glow. Eventually, the piece thickens; the drums establish a more insistent pace and a saxophone is introduced, leading the song to its striking conclusion.

La Lusid’s as-yet-untitled debut album is set to be released in September via Birds Records. Judging from the charm of ‘Safe & Sound’, it’ll win the hearts of many – head below to have a listen for yourself:

Photo: Albin Handig

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