Do you remember your art classes at primary school when you’d mix all the exciting brightly coloured paints together and end up disappointed that the result was a murky sludge? Sometimes music can be a bit like that too, with the fusion of different sounds resulting in a song that’s not quite sure what it’s meant to be so it ends up sounding, well, like murky sludge. THANKFULLY, however, that ain’t always the case. Sometimes the colours combine to make a rainbow. For Iris Gold, the Danish/Indian/Jamaican London based singer, that’s exactly what she’s achieved with ‘Roll It Out’.

We were treated to Gold’s energetic ‘sunshine pop’ vibes when she performed at our London club night earlier this year, with the crowd eagerly bouncing along to vibrant previous singles such as ‘All I Really Know’ and ‘Goldmine’. Sporting microphones adorned with flowers, Iris Gold certainly showed she knows how to take music back to a place that’s full of fun. And that vibe continues on this latest single, ‘Roll It Out’. It’s a light-hearted pop track, with an R’n’B twist – one that you can’t help but shake your body and click your fingers too.

‘Roll It Out’ is out now so take a listen below, and if you like what you hear, be sure to check out Iris Gold live for yourself at any of her numerous festival performances this summer.

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