Norwegian musician and producer (and Ja Ja Ja alum)¬†Emma Jensen has only released two singles before now, but she went big with both. Her debut single, ‘Closer’ came about through¬†learning to produce via YouTube tutorials, as she told NBHAP. She uploaded the song online, and suddenly it exploded. Just over a year later, ‘Closer’ is sitting on almost 8 million plays on Spotify, with the follow-up ‘Make You Mine’ on nearly a million. Jensen is establishing herself as a star in the country’s firmament of bright young pop talents, and now she’s back with a new single, ‘Rush’.

‘Rush’ is the song that nudges her style forward from those earlier singles. Both ‘Closer’ and ‘Make You Mine’ had a dense, narcotic, dreamy quality, songs that slowly drew you into their hazy world. ‘Rush’, as its title might imply, is a different thing. It’s tighter, brighter and sharper, a real pop song that comes with a rocket-blast of a chorus. Jensen has always been good at writing about the nervous first steps of relationships without cliche, and ‘Rush’ continues that run – it’s a euphoric, upbeat pop song, that perversely, is about the absence of that rush: “I just wanna feel the rush, but I don’t feel a thing”. Three songs is still a short career, but ‘Rush’ is evidence that Jensen’s star is only going to keep rising.

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