If you’ve missed the CHINAH boat up until now, it’s time to remedy that. Their second EP Hints came out last year, and the Copenhagen trio are finally back with some new music. ‘Yeah Right’ is their first post-Hints single, and it marks a move in their sound. Hints specialised in bright, springy electro-pop music, but on ‘Yeah Right’ the mood is darker.

In fact, ‘Yeah Right’ shares a little spiritually with their contemporaries Smerz, even in the half-shrugged title. Stylistically, it’s unmistakably a CHINAH single, but it’s heavier, more ominous and claustrophobic than anything they’ve ever put out before, like breath on the back of your neck. “Baby I will let you down” purrs singer Fine Glindvad over icy synths as an opener, which sets the tone for the rest of the song. But it also comes with a slick, shimmering chorus, which adds a little soul to the darkness. CHINAH sound different, but they still pull everything off as perfectly as before. ‘Yeah Right’ is out now on No3.

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