Keeping as many European bases covered as possible, Tara Nome Doyle is a 20 year old Norwegian-Irish singer/songwriter from Berlin. Given that all three countries are responsible for producing some serious song-writing talent, it should come as no surprise that Tara is an artist who deserves our full attention.

Listing Lianne La Havas and fellow Norwegian Susanne Sundfør as inspiration for her music, she’s setting the bar high, and whilst it’s difficult to tell from one song alone, based on this offering the potential for success is certainly there. Her voice is rich and mature, teeing up Nome Doyle for comparisons with other artists whose powerful vocal ability belies their appearance and experience.

‘Down With You’ is a slick and soulful song, which radiates a comforting atmosphere – it sounds like what doubling down under the duvet after a hectic day feels like. But there’s also a bittersweet tinge, enhanced by the slight raspy quality to her voice, which creates a subtle sense of foreboding. This is a multi-layered song that offers more for the ears with each listen. As debut songs go, it’s hard to find fault with and suggests a very bright future for the emerging songwriter.

Out now, take a listen to ‘Down With You’ below:

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