Finnish artist Lac Belot releases a jaw-dropping second single, ‘Pale Moon Rabbit’ – a dynamic and mercurial piece of art-pop.

‘Pale Moon Rabbit’ is a six-minute, heady hallucination propelled by ambition and vision. Singer Jarno Takkumäki’s smouldering, smoky vocal initially casts a reflective, twilight mood, but not for long. Taking just a single spark to set the whole thing alight, the track descends into darker psych-folk rhythms and drones, before collapsing into a gentle, warming piano refrain.

From Helsinki, Takkumäki released his debut EP, ‘Elizabeth’ back in 2014. Since then, he had mainly been focused on other people’s projects, working as an engineer on Moonface and Sinai’s ‘My Best Human Face’, producing Laura Moisio’s album, as well as helping out The Holy on guitar, among others. This year however, Takkumäki signed to Solina Records and finally stepped back into the spotlight with the debut single ‘D ‘n A’ this April. With an album planned for the Autumn, Lac Belot is one of Finland’s hidden heroes that you should definitely get to know!

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