Liberian-born Finnish singer songwriter Jesse Markin is a brand new and exciting acquaintance for us here at Ja Ja Ja. He has been a part of the hip hop group The Megaphone State as a vocalist for 12 years, but now he’s launching his own project – going from rapping to singing.

Speaking of the project, Jesse explains: “I wanted to approach serious topics with honest interpretations, topics like love, xenophobia, hope, lust for money, loneliness and brotherhood. These are things that affect me on a daily basis. Also, breaking my own limits was an important part of this project that I’ve been working on for the past four years. I love music and I hope people can feel that”.

His first release is a double single consisting of two quite different songs – the first being the catchy and guitar driven ‘Blood’ as well as the powerful hip hop gem ‘Will Shoot’. Both singles are out now via Vild Recordings and serve as a superb first taste of what we can expect from Jesse in the future. Check them out below…

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