2018 had barely started before Oslo-based artist Farida made it clear that we’d be wise to keep our eyes on her this year. After unleashing the incredible single ‘You’, she has now introduced ‘Friends’ – a catchy sliver of springy electro-pop, co-written by fellow Norwegians Skinny Days!

With lyrics that centre on a dissolving friendship, ‘Friends’ could’ve been quite a downcast affair. Instead, it’s a complete banger with bouncy rhythms, dynamic pinches of strings and a big chorus all wrapped into three minutes of infectious pop brilliance. As always Farida doesn’t stick fully to the classic pop blueprint, though – this time she brings her Algerian roots into play by subtly weaving in some Arabic melodies!

Farida’s upcoming EP I Don’t Drink is set to drop in August. Until then, you should find yourself a spot in the sun and let her set the mood for a great summer by pressing play below!

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