Ea Kaya is the moniker of Christine Kiberg, who describes herself as a “young, restless coffee-addict who turns thoughts and experiences into sassy lines/wise words and adds melodies.” The Danish singer-songwriter started her career at 15 years old, posting cover songs on YouTube with great success, and last year she impressed us all with the debut track ‘Remedy’. So much so, that in December, we placed the Copenhagen-based artist within the list of acts we think will achieve big things this year.

‘Remedy’ became a big hit garnering 100,000 streams within a week. Now the blossoming newcomer is here with the follow-up single ‘Tied Up’, hinting at more greatness. Following the same path as her previous single, Ea Kaya delivers another utterly seductive electro pop hit with a chorus that you’ll want to keep on repeat all summer.

An accompanying music video will also be arriving soon. Until then: find the new single below…

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