Pole Siblings are Finnish brother and sister duo, Sofia and Johan Stolpe, currently making their music in adopted homeland of Sweden. They’ve been steadily building up a well-deserved reputation as purveyors of emotionally charged, brooding, low-fi electronica and this latest offering, ‘How Low’, is no exception to that.

Previous singles, the melancholy ‘It Might Grow‘ and the haunting ‘Carve‘, are featured on the same EP that ‘How Low’ is taken from, Sköljer bort dig (translated as ‘Wash You Away’ in Swedish) and there’s a thread that passes through each of these singles, touching on reflection and despair in a way that avoids the obvious trap of sounding depressing, instead offering a hopeful prism through which to view loss and love. Like their previous offerings, it’s well worth taking time out to sit and listen to ‘How Low’ without any distractions, soaking up the poignant sound created by the duo and absorbing it fully. This is music from the heart and full of emotion, which rewards the listener if they give it time. If you want a comparison, think along the lines of Sumie, Daughter or Amanda Bergman, but based on this latest effort, Pole Sibling’s are likely to be the ones influencing other artists for some time to come.

Sköljer bort dig will be released on April 6th on Strangers Candy, but you can listen to ‘How Low’ for yourself now.

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