Finnish pop anarchists LCMDF‘s return has been big news in recent weeks, but in the slight background of that one of the group, Mia Kemppainen, has also been pushing forward with her Mio solo project. And she’s been doing a lot of that pushing forward on Ja Ja Ja, having debuted the first single, ‘Find It’, here and also playing the Ja Ja Ja Berlin showcase. Another single from the project has now emerged, ‘All About It’.

If ‘Find It’ was Kemppainen dabbling in M83-ish neon pop, ‘All About It’ is a more subtle song, still big bright synth-pop, but focused more on infectious rhythms rather than pop rush. Its looping hook is potent enough to lock itself in your head for days, and it’s complemented by delicate production touches and flourishes. Add that to the distinctive visual art, and Mio is building a artist profile that stands out from the crowd. We’re waiting to see where she takes it next.

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