Experimental, weird pop is a flourishing genre, and Finnish-British musician Otta has entered the field with her track ‘Small Hours’. ‘Small Hours’ takes parts of its flavour from the lazy dreaming of neo-jazz and the glitchy production from oddball electronica, but at its heart it’s a truly modern pop song, with a chorus that subtly but surely lights up every emotion that a good pop song should.

Of the song, the artist states: “I made my first video in Finland while on a cycle near my grandparents house in Kuopio, I filmed the chorus scenes here in London and added animation with my friend resulting in this mildy chaotic visual that I feel matches my production on my songs”

The track comes with a video made by Otta and collaborator Alfy Blue Fox, a visual interpretation of a distracted mind, flashing between information, places and decisions. Check it out, right here at Ja Ja Ja…

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