A jazz pianist and a folk-indebted singer/songwriter, respectively, Swedes Viktor Persson and Jenny Björkqvist come from different musical backgrounds. Yet, the New York/Stockholm-based two-piece have found common ground in exploring new sonic territory together. Their first offering ‘I Wanna Dance (Like You)’ sees the duo advancing into a stripped-down, 80’s-inspired dreamscape under the moniker FYEO.

As waves of soft, reverb-drenched synths trickle through your speakers, ‘I Wanna Dance (Like You)’ slowly washes away the cold with its warm, sunset-hued glow. The Andreas Öhman-directed visuals feature two children playing happily in their own bubble, underlining the nostalgia-inducing mood of the song by capturing the kind of life-affirming, unworried bliss that only children truly know. So, if you need a sweet video to keep your spirits up ‘t’l spring becomes more than just a date on the calendar, you should take a look below!

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