Having showcased an extraordinary ability to write songs that refract a rainbow of woozy emotions on tracks like ’premonition / ◯ / it shines through’ and ‘Heard Her’, Stockholm-based HOLY has earned a spot as one of our 5 artists to watch from Sweden in 2018! Already embarking upon the new year, his second album All These Worlds Are Yours (released on January 26th), has been shepherded out into the world by the brilliant PNKSLM label and HOLY (aka. Hannes Ferm) has offered up a stand out track called ‘Wish ㍛’ as a single.

With meandering drums and scintillating organ sounds in spades, ‘Wish ㍛’ taps into the same hazy, 70’s-inspired realm of sound as HOLY’s previous singles. Ferm’s ethereal falsetto meshes glorious serenity with a distraught sense of yearning, conveying a multi-facetted host of emotions that feels hauntingly out-of-focus, yet enticingly mind-liberating. What a gorgeous, spaced-out tune!

HOLY kicked off the year with an appearance at Eurosonic Noorderslag and he can be found in London on February 8th, before heading to Norway for by:Larm at the beginning of March.

Check ‘Wish ㍛’ out below:

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