Following on from strong releases ‘Dirhamz‘ and ‘New Generation‘ as well as joining our club nights in London and Berlin last year, Norway’s Amanda Delara kicks off 2018 with a fresh single!

‘We Don’t Run From Anyone’ is about challenging authorities and serves as a natural follow-up to previous single ‘New Generation’, where she used her self-confident voice to proclaim how the young generation can affect our society. Speaking about the new track, Amanda explains that she was inspired by strong women who don’t kneel for anyone – with the Saudi Arabian ladies who drove when it was illegal especially in mind.

Amanda Delara debuted in 2016 with the brilliant single ‘Paper Paper‘, reaching top 30 on Hype Machine and top 20 on Spotify both in the US and globally. Last summer she released the EP Rebel, followed by a number of important festivals both at home and abroad. It is clear that 2017 was Amanda’s big year, and it is definitely more to come.

Listen to the superb pop tune below, and be on the lookout for more from Amanda later this year…

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