Following their latest release EP3, we were excited that all-female Danish indie rock trio Nelson Can wanted to join us at our final show of Ja Ja Ja Club Nights in London last month!

Getting into festive mood, the band now take a surprising turn releasing the new single called ‘On Christmas Night’ – a celebration of the holiday season and the lighter days to come. Speaking about the song they explain: “The further up north you go, the darker the days are during Christmas and the increasing hours of sunlight after Winter Solstice still play a very central role in the Christmas celebrations here. We wanted to make a Christmas song that combined the Christmas we know from modern-day western culture with the old hedonistic celebration of the return of the sun.” As Selina Gin points out in the alluring lyrics: “Merry Christmas everyone, I promise soon the darkness will be long gone.”

However, despite the lyrics, it doesn’t sound like a typical Christmas tune. The Danish trio are delivering their classic Nelson Can sound, making it a quite exciting twist of a festive song. ‘On Christmas Night’ is out right now via Alcopop! Records – listen below!

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