December is here and one of the biggest happenings of the year is coming up! Which one?! The Ja Ja Ja Music Video Awards, of course! Every year, we’re spoiled with fantastic music from the Nordic countries, and their accompanying music videos are a true sight for sore eyes. Let’s have a look at some of the most memorable videos of the year!

Best water ballet in an empty pool of 2017

East of My Youth – Broken Glass

Herdís Stefánsdóttir and Thelma Marín Jónsdóttir are the Icelandic duo behind East Of My Youth who dropped this highly enjoyable video earlier this year. Their enthusiastic electronic/future pop sound, together with a group of serious synchronised swimmers, dancing and wearing cute swimming hats and there’s no question about it, this award is definitely theirs!

Best retro style + 90’s mobile phone music video of 2017

Biniyam – Watch Out

We might already know that 2017 was the year the 90’s really got trendy again, everything from tiny sunglasses to Nokia 3310s again (apparently). Finnish rapper Biniyam knows it and released this  pretty cool video for his single ‘Watch Out’. The video was created by Dermot Gallagher, a Helsinki-based animator and director originally from Northern Ireland.

Best mirror video of 2017

Hôy la – Please

Poppin’ colours, cool outfits, mirrors etc. That’s what we experience in the emerging Norwegian artist Hôy Las – also known as Ingri Høyland Kvamstad – video for her latest single ‘Please’. The video is filmed in various architecturally remarkable spots in and around Oslo by the photographer Jonas Svarstad, with the stunning imagery reflecting the powerful tone of the song.

Best dress up party documented with a polaroid camera of 2017

Urban Cone – Old School

Swedish indie pop band Urban Cone dropped a very charming video for their single ‘Old School’ earlier this year, reminding us about the time when we were less digital and acted more emotionally. Old School, sort of like when we were kids… (maybe). The video is playful, with a group of children dancing in various costumes together with flowers, glitter and other fun stuff!

Best golden dress video of 2017

Takykardia – Immortalized 

The Danish Ttip-soul quartet Takykardia released their debut single in August this year, together with this (now) award winning, eye-catching video to it. The video is directed and edited by singer Luna Matz.  She’s filmed in slow-motion, draped in a gold-leaf dress while singing about “floating in time” in beautiful scenery.

Best babysitting in a dress made of money of 2017

Dolorez Haze – White House 

Dollar bill dresses and a baby Donald Trump… That’s what Sweden’s Dolores Haze offered us in their video for ‘White House’. Directed by Nim Sundström, the video features a baby Donald Trump and the lead singer Groovy Nickz as his bad babysitter. A fantastic way to come back with their first new material since 2015, so watch and enjoy!

Best red cabin and sauna video of 2017

The Hearing – Faint 

And not to forget the sauna! Finnish singer The Hearing pays attention to the importance of the small things in her new sauna-themed video for ‘Faint’. Or, ‘be prepared to endure an icy trek in your PJs to the nearest shop for those you love’. Even though it looks a tiny bit chilly, this red cabin feels very welcoming in the middle of a Finnish winter wonderland.

Best homemade skate video of 2017

Jonas Alaska – The Moon & The Steeple

Our very own favourite Norwegian skater boy Jonas Alaska returned this year with the new single ‘The Moon & The Steeple’. The song is a lyrical tribute to his hometown Åmli, and it comes with a homemade video, mobile-phone filmed, and edited by Alaska himself – a multi-talented guy!

Best being on the phone video of 2017

Wy – What Would I Ever Do

Malmö duo Wy, also known as Michel Gustafsson and Ebba Ågren, released their beautiful debut album Okay in October of this year. During the summer, they also released the fantastic video for their second single of the album ‘What Would I Ever Do’. Old phones seem to be a thing, Anna of The North won last year’s “Best waiting for a phone call” award, but this year the phone-themed award goes to Wy. Old phones <3 pastel colours <3 Wy <3 flowers <3333333!

Best dancing with air instruments video of 2017

Nelson Can – Miracle

The Danish rock trio Nelson Can, consisting of Selina, Maria and Signe released a pretty cool and joyous video for ‘Miracle’ this year. It’s hard not to hit the dance floor and join the dance party when you watch this clip, so just do it, DANCE!

Best dancing in nature video of 2017

JFDR – Wires 

JFDR, Jófríður Ákadóttir, has quickly become one of Iceland’s most prolific and creative talents. This particular video is directed by fellow Samaris member Áslaug Magnúsdóttir, showing JFDR dancing by a river before the view floats up into the sky in the most beautiful beautiful way!

Big congratulations to all the winners!

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