It’s with great, great pleasure that we bring you the latest single from rising Finnish production sensation Perttu today, as he releases his latest track ‘Chosen Ones’!

We’ve been keeping a close eye on this one ever since tipping him as one of our ‘5 To Watch in 2017‘, with his last single ‘Old Stones’ becoming a strong contender for one of our favourite songs of the year. He’s collaborated with some of Finland’s other finest rising stars along the way, including Niila¬†and Alexandra, but today, he crops up in a fully solo stance to bring us a tantalising slice of dancefloor-ready perfection.

‘Chosen Ones’ is a three and a half minute delight, packed full of light and lively synth tones, as well as deep, rich bass tones and a driving rhythm that could keep you dancing for hours. It’s another great sample of big things to come from this upcoming producer, so we’re extremely happy to premiere the tune here at Ja Ja Ja today.

Tune in to ‘Chosen Ones’ below, and keep an eye on Ja Ja Ja as we bring you more news from Perttu in the future!

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