Sweden’s Shitkid‘s workrate is putting the rest of the music industry to shame. Åsa Söderqvist released an EP in spring, an album (Fish) this summer and she’s already back with new music. An EP is on the way, and she’s dropped ahead of it lands latest single, ‘Favourite Thing’.

Shitkid often went for more lightweight sound and quicker tempos on Fish, but ‘Favourite Thing’ spins off in a different direction. It’s a heavy, raw grunge song, a growling, malicious piece of dirtbag rock. It’s a tribute to her ‘favourite things’, and she’s in a lyrical mood that blurs compliments and threats.

Shitkid’s new EP This Is It (if this was a Strokes covers record she’d secure her legend forever) arrives on January 19th, and you can check out ‘Favourite Thing’ below.

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