In a musical climate filled by a relentless sludge-cannon of generic house-y music, Norwegian duo Smerz (Catharina Stoltenberg and Henriette Motzfeldt) found a new way. Their soft-touch, subtly rhythmic take on electronic music has made them rapidly-rising stars, and their Okey EP got them signed to XL. The first sample of their post-Okey output came in July with ‘Oh My My’, and now we’ve got another, ‘No Harm’.

‘No Harm’ is cast in what’s become Smerz’s signature sound, a sort of chilly, numb take on R’n’B, Motzfeldt weaving delicate little melodies around juddering beats and icy synths. Like a lot of their music, there’s an enigmatic appeal to ‘No Harm’, you can spend hours trying to tie together the threads of what make this song tick, its strange blend of angst, apathy and playfulness. Hours without getting any closer, because ‘No Harm’ keeps its secrets well-buried. But that’s okay, because Smerz make mysteries we’re happy to keep listening to.

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