Herdís Stefánsdóttir and Thelma Marín Jónsdóttir are the Icelandic duo behind East Of My Youth who’ve already delivered some stellar singles in the form of ‘Mother’, ‘Only Lover’ and the hauntingly beautiful ‘Stronger‘.

Having played our Ja Ja Ja London club night back in April 2016, demonstrating their self-proclaimed electronic/future pop, we can attest to the energy and enthusiasm they have for great music and a great time.  Their latest single, ‘Broken Glass’, is a testament to that – thoughtful and dynamic electro-pop with smart lyrics that cut straight to the point.

The video that accompanies ‘Broken Glass’ is a quirky and enjoyable affair. Filmed at a derelict swimming pool, it sees the Icelandic duo lead a troupe of synchronised swimmers through a choreographed routine on dry land (which seems a lot like normal dancing while wearing a swimming hat to us, but then again, we’re not experts on the official synchronised swimming rulebook). Either way, it reflects the fact that East Of My Youth are the kind of act who are capable of delivering emotive music whilst not taking themselves too seriously.

Watch the video for ‘Broken Glass’, which is out now in the UK, below:

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