We’ve been following Norwegian Sandra Kolstad closely since way back in 2011 and she never ceases to impress. The two-time Ja Ja Ja club night alumni most recently joined us at Fluxbau in Berlin back in April and since then she has released the two record-teasing singles ‘Mango Corner’ and ‘BLING BLING BLING’ to keep us on our toes. Her new album San Silva is finally out and it’s absolutely brilliant, so we’re here to revel in one of its highlights – the uplifting ‘Hurricane’.

Opening with mellow organ improvisation, ‘Hurricane’ could easily pass as a soul-inflected instrumental piece at first. The stripped-down intro soon gives way to a more beat-driven and synth-heavy soundscape though, and the track quickly grows into a catchy slice of lush electro-pop. Kolstad’s beautiful vocals deliver the hopeful lyrics about finding love in dark times with aplomb and leaves you with the inspiring words Let’s grow out of the pain, open like a flower, glow inside this hurricane” echoing in your mind.

’Hurricane’ and San Silva are out now via Fanfare, so make sure to check ‘Hurricane’ out below:

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