It’s that Great News time of the year. We got a reminder of just how good the Bergen trio (Even Kjelby, Kim Åge Furuhaug and Ole Kristian Einarsen) are when we saw them in their hometown for Vill Vill Vest festival, which was actually the same day they dropped a brand new single, ‘Never Get My Love’.

‘Never Get My Love’ is more evidence that this is a band that knows how to blend rhythm into their indie-rock. The song rides along on the back of a groove-laden guitar riff and shuffling, light-stepping percussion, before it rushes into a funk-pop chorus. Kjelby says the song is about banishing your demons: “When you’re feeling down and isolated, there’s this voice, like the Devil on your shoulder, telling you to go out and get numb. I am telling him that, sure, we can play around and waste away, but you can not touch the ones I love or get too deep inside my soul. He will never get my love, and he won´t take my love away from those who are closest to me“. ‘Never Get My Love’ is out now, and Great News’ debut album Wonderfault is due out in February.

Photo: Linn Heidi Stokkedal

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