The Stockholm-based duo Grapell, consisting of high school friends Emil Erstrand and Nils Nygårdh, have been sharing some promising glimpses of their first full-length album throughout the summer. They released the beautiful single ‘We Can Only Blame Ourselves’ a month ago and now they’re treating us to yet another gorgeous, record-teasing gem – the charmingly exuberant ‘Heartbreaker’.

Despite its rather brutal title, ‘Heartbreaker’ is an absolute delight. The endearing vocals work in tandem with an inviting groove and gentle acoustic guitar strums to create a tune that dazzles with its pleasant sweetness. Striking a balance between infatuated hopefulness and forlorn melancholy, it’s a song that’ll trigger tender-hearted thoughtfulness and keep you warm during winter.

‘Heartbreaker’ is taken from Grapell’s debut album Crier, which will be released on November 3rd through Strangers Candy in Sweden and Roll Call Records in North America. Notes of auburn are appearing in the tree crowns, so if you want to have some heart-warming music in stock for the dark days to come, you should check ‘Heartbreaker’ out below:

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