Back in June Danish electro pop duo FURNS followed up the singles ‘Nite Time’ and ‘Good Things’ with latest track ‘China’ – celebrating love, bliss and all that surrounds it.

Soothing and atmospheric melodies has become the duo’s trademark, and their new single ‘The End’ is no exception – as it probably will wash away all of your stress. ‘The End’ also marks a milestone as it is five years ago the duo released their first single as FURNS. In a Facebook post Monika Faludi and Mathias Dahl Andreasen state: “We still to this day produce everything on our own, in our own studio, which gives us the kind of freedom we need in order to make music straight from the heart. We are not trying to be cool, follow trends or get rich. We simply want to make great songs, that hopefully some day will prove to be timeless.”

Led by Monika’s velvety voice and Mathias’ solid production – their anniversary song ‘The End’ is a passionate and dreamy track – perfect to wrap oneself into these dark autumn nights. Have a listen below!

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