The Stockholm based solo-project of Nora Karlsson has gotten a whole lot of well deserved acclaim in recent years. Her amazing Love On Tour EP saw the light in 2016 and secured her a UK live debut as well as multiple support spots.

Her latest handiwork ‘Rabbits’ is a beautiful track that sends the listener spiralling into a dream of surfing cloudy autumn waves. In it, you gaze back to the heat of the summer while you simultaneously embrace the cold as a welcome change.

‘Rabbits’ was be released in early October as a split 7” vinyl together with Magic Potion’s ‘Rest Yr Skull’ via Sweden’s PNKSLM Recordings, having been recorded and produced with Hannes Ferm. We can’t wait for more magic from Boys but until that day arrives, we’ll just keep this one on repeat. You can do the same, below.

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