Back in May, Danish duo Blondage had us hooked – offering up a summery pop banger in the shape of the electro-tropical track ‘Stoned’. Currently touring through Europe, they now share their follow-up single – the frisky ‘Call It Off’. Despite a somewhat dark backdrop – originally being a song about breaking up – you might want to put on your dancing shoes, as strange as it may sound. ‘Call It Off’ is a song with many layers and varieties – shifting from melancholia to joy, always taking some unexpected turns.

Speaking of the song, vocalist Pernille Smith Sivertsen explains: “‘Call It Off’ is in many ways a mystery to us. We feel like we’ve written a pretty sad breakup song, but then it leaves you with a sensation of hope and urge to break free and freak out on the dance floor instead of feeling sorry for yourself.” Other half of the duo, Esben Andersen, adds: “There are elements in this song that really shouldn’t blend well together; lullaby melodies, rave-like samples, epic string arrangements and fast, cheeky vocal hooks. But I guess that’s what we love about this song. It has an energy you can’t ignore.”

The new single is out now via TAMBOURHINOCEROS, have a listen below!

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