In October last year, Denmark’s M.I.L.K (Emil Wilk) played Ja Ja Ja’s London show. And since that gig, he’s had one hell of a year. He dropped his A Memory Of A Memory Of A Postcard EP back in May, and followed it up with a video for every single one of the EP’s six tracks. Now we’ve got the second-to-last in the series, the promo clip for If We Want To’.

‘If We Want To’ is Wilk’s take on an easygoing, breezy love song. It’s got a lackadaisical groove, a gentle swing augmented by the little trumpets and Wilk’s smooth-and-sweet vocal. It’s a song summarised by its lyric: “we could live out a fantasy, we could go back to bed”, love detached from stress and strain, and cruising along at relaxation speeds. And now Wilk’s unveiled the video, packed with pastel colours and summer lounging, to match the song’s blissed-out mood. Check it out below.

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