We’ve already been treated to several musical delights from Icelandic singer Ásgeir‘s second album Afterglow, in the form of the singles ‘Unbound’ and ‘Stardust’. No surprises then, that the third time’s a charm, as he introduces his next single to come from the album, ‘I Know You Know’. And it also happens to be a cracker!

With a sprinkling more bass than his previous two singles, and some driving percussion thrown in to the mix, it’s a slightly more uptempo outing this time around. But fans of the Icelandic maestro will be pleased to hear that his trademark falsetto remains, as does his masterful use of lyrics and natural references to convey emotion. “Oh, how I long for light. A light that won’t leave me…And I know you know, Let the ocean bathe me” certainly strikes a chord.

Now, earlier this year, Ásgeir spent a solid 24 hours straight playing and recording various covers and stripped back live songs, from both Afterglow as well as his critically acclaimed debut album In The Silencedirect to 7″ vinyl. (Keep your eyes out for the promised “international scavenger hunt” for physical copies of the records from this project too, using #straighttovinyl). So you’d be forgiven for thinking that if Ásgeir is this good at this music stuff as well as feats of endurance, surely he can’t be a dab-hand at manual labour too!? But you’d be wrong. And the video to accompany ‘I Know You Know’ is proof of that.

Filmed in his native Icelandic town of Laugarbakki, home to less than 50 people, we see Ásgeir himself showing off his skillful handling of some heavy machinery. And whilst dreamy Icelandic music might not be the obvious choice to listen to while you’re ploughing the fields and sowing your seeds, when you think about it (which, if we’re honest, we’d be surprised if you had), then what is? It’s certainly a poignant tribute to the land that’s the inspiration behind a lot of his music.

With that in mind, check out the video to ‘I Know You Know’ for yourself below:

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