Ever since Danish indie outfit Virgin Suicide played a magnificent set at Ja Ja Ja in London last year, we haven’t been able to forget about them. It certainly has been an eventful year for the boys who, in the meantime, have graced us with a couple of impressive singles.

‘You Hate The Way I Feel’ and ‘Twistor Space’ both gave us a taste of the second full length album that Virgin Suicide have tirelessly been working on, and now we finally have some news about it, as well as another gorgeous song!

Of course, ‘Burnout’ sounds exactly like you would expect a Virgin Suicide song to sound: dreamy, slightly psychedelic, sad and happy at the same time. But for a band so loyal to a specific theme, their releases are always remarkably different and original, and that’s exactly how they keep you coming back for more!

The long-anticipated second album is called Forever Trouble, and it is out on September 15th via Nordic Music Society. Mark your calendars as this may well be one of the hottest records coming from Denmark this year!

Virgin Suicide go on tour in October, so if you are planning a trip to Denmark, or are already there, tickets are available here.

Listen to ‘Burnout’ below:

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