Following on from her highly acclaimed hit ‘Say My Name’, Umeå-native Tove Styrke returns to share the latest addition to her impressive array of attention grabbing pop songs – the seductive banger, ‘Mistakes’!

With its beguiling melody set against minimalist, but impactful production, ‘Mistakes’ will have you hooked in no time. Before long you’ll be singing “You make me wanna make mistakes” at the top of your lungs in unison with Styrke’s enticing vocals in the epic, vocoder-tinged chorus. So, go ahead and add this extremely addictive tune to your playlist – but watch out for early signs of RSI, because you’ll be hitting the repeat button quite a bit!

Tove Styrke is currently working away in the studio to finish her third album. There’s no news on its title or release date yet, but if it’s just half as good as ‘Mistakes’, it’ll be worth the wait!

Make sure to check ‘Mistakes’ out below – you won’t regret it!

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